D&D Planning

Successful D&D of radioactive sites starts with detailed planning. Lucas is experienced in all phases of D&D, and has supported D&D planning for dozens of facilities at Hanford over the past 15 years. Our work ranges from facilities contaminated by non-nuclear hazardous material, such as asbestos, to large-scale Class 2 nuclear facilities.

We help our clients develop a plan to identify hazardous materials, characterize systems, remove hazardous materials and contamination, bring the facility to a cold-and-dark status, employ the most effective demolition processes, and manage the removal, packaging, shipping, and disposal of contaminated materials.

We then provide the support and leadership to execute the D-4 plan. Our resources include:

  • Radioactive, hazardous and mixed-waste specialists,
  • Radiation control technicians,
  • Cold-and-dark and D4 managers,
  • Field work supervisors,
  • Work planners,
  • Waste designators,
  • Waste shippers,
  • Health physics specialists,
  • Industrial safety experts, and
  • Asbestos specialists.