Cost and Schedule Development

When costs estimates are accurate and the schedule is well-developed, the entire process – from developing the proposal to on-site change management – runs more smoothly. Our broad understanding of how the different parts of a project work together equips us to develop a practical, integrated work breakdown structure (WBS).

Estimates come in various levels, from rough order of magnitude (ROM) down to detailed activity-based costing (ABC) - and we’re well versed in all of them.

It can be challenging to pull together a ROM estimate when the client is contemplating a unique project. Without drawings and comparative examples, it can be tough to get the numbers right. But because we’ve faced the challenge before, we’ve become pretty good at breaking out the different components of a new project and finding commonalities with other projects.

And, of course, when we’re working on an ABC estimate, that’s where our skill at WBS really comes into play. We know how to measure the details by accurately defining the different components of a project. And when there’s a significant difference between the ROM and the ABC, we can tell you how it happened and help you determine whether or not the difference is in line with your vision for what the project is supposed to do.