Contract Change Management

Sound contract management is the starting block for effective change management, which is what keeps clients and contractors on friendly terms even after the final bills are paid. And everyone benefits from our ability to understand change management from the perspective of both the contractor and the project developer.

It doesn’t matter how carefully you plan – if your project takes longer than a week to complete, something will change. Whether the changes are in design, budget, purpose or technology, it’s frighteningly easy to lose control of a project if you fail to manage change effectively. We know how to balance a client’s demand for flexibility with the need to stay on budget and meet the deadline.

“Client scope creep” occurs when small changes add up to big dollars and delays. It starts with failing to recognize a change when it happens, and it gets worse when there’s a lack of open communication. Our years of experience mean we can identify a change, evaluate the basis for change, and give the client at least a ballpark estimate of how the change will affect the project, without delay. Our clients know they won’t suffer sticker shock due to poor change management when they receive the final bill.

Our contract management team includes people experienced in procurement and buying, contract administration, contract law and cost-price analysis. We are well-versed in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), DOE Acquisition Regulations (DEARs) and other government-based contracting systems. We understand how to set up a compliant contract change management program, and how to prepare effective Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs) and Contract Modification Pricing.