Bid and Proposal Preparation

When you bid on a job you likely want to figure out what’s involved, estimate what it will cost, and call your proposal good. But this is no longer enough to capture the attention of leading clients in the energy and environmental industries. More and more, they are following the DOE’s lead and demanding that contractors and subcontractors provide detailed information supporting the numbers and confirming their qualifications … and most companies just aren’t set up to do this.

Our years of experience serving the DOE equips us to help you win projects. We have helped multiple first-tier prime contractors develop winning technical and cost proposals for multi-billion dollar DOE contracts, such as the Project Hanford Management Contract, the Hanford Plateau Remediation Contract, and the Savannah River Liquid Waste Contract.

We’re experienced with proposal management as well as writing and estimating. We will analyze your capabilities relative to the project, identify and highlight your particular strengths, and help you determine how to fill potential gaps in your capacity. Based on this knowledge, we will give you a solid, facts-based marketing document that will help sell your company’s expertise.