Project Services

Some firms specialize by doing the same project over and over again. At Lucas, our specialty is one-of-a-kind, and often first-of-a-kind, projects. Because the projects we support are rarely built twice, each project we take on exposes our team to new technologies and fresh challenges.

Our project services operation is geared to providing skilled staff wherever you need them, at any phase from inception to completion. We’re experienced at leading multiple contractors and subject-matter experts, and we know how to integrate them into a high-performance team tailored to the specific needs of your project.

We can do this because we’ve built our expertise on a rock-solid foundation of knowledge and experience. We’ve practiced our trade on some of the DOE’s most complex nuclear and environmental projects, and we understand the problems, risks and liabilities you face.

Any member of our multi-skilled project services team can play a key role as project manager, buyer, contract administrator, construction manager, estimator or scheduler. But that doesn’t mean we’re just jacks of all trades. When someone from Lucas takes on a role on your project, you can be confident that they’ve played it before, and they play it well. Quite apart from getting the job done right first time, this means we can improve communication between the different segments of your project – because we understand how they all fit together.