REC Building

Client: REC Silicon

We took three months from sign-up to sign-off to transform an old state-owned office building and transform it into a stunning corporate head office –without running up overtime costs. It took less than two weeks to complete the design, line up all the contractors, order the materials, and gut the old 8,000 sq.ft single-story building. On day 14 we started building work.

The end result is an exceptionally beautiful and interesting space. The custom-built finishes are highly creative, the lighting is beautiful, and the electronics and communication systems linking the company to its plants in Norway are state-of-the-art. Construction finished just in time for the arrival of the furniture – which we also provided.  They moved in three months after we signed the contract.

This project was a classic, because it allowed us to introduce efficiencies without cutting corners on quality. There was no fuss or rush – it was all about highly efficient project planning.

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