Commercial Energy & Facilities Design

When applied to commercial energy and light industrial engineering and design, our multidisciplinary expertise gives our clients a clear advantage. We’ve grown up in the tightly regulated nuclear environment, and that defines the level of safety and quality we can bring to our non-nuclear clients. It’s where we’ve learned our disciplined approach to analyzing problems, finding solutions, and designing to meet the client’s requirements.

But that doesn’t mean we’re locked into handling every project as though it’s nuclear! Few industries require the nuclear industry’s level of risk management and compliance. We understand that risk management must be appropriate, and we tailor our approach to any project to match relevant regulatory requirements and risks. This means we can provide the optimal engineering solution to meet your needs, safely, cost-effectively, and on schedule.

Our commercial and industrial capabilities include:

  • Balance of plant design for process facilities and alternative energy projects,
  • Tenant improvements,
  • Office facilities,
  • Laboratories,
  • Warehouse and maintenance facilities,
  • Site layout and development, and
  • LEED facility design.