Conduct of Operations

It’s about maintaining safety standards by following known good operating principles governed by a well-defined control system. And if your company is operating in the world dominated by the Departments of Energy or Defense, conduct or operations is a defining force in your life.

Yet many companies in the nuclear and defense industries struggle to perform in line with the defined conduct of operations. At best, their government client is unimpressed. At worst, they can find themselves facing injuries and safety issues, inefficiencies, costs and penalties, and even the loss of the contract.

We’ve been working in the DOE environment long enough that we fully understand the process, and we can help get you back on track, working the way you’re supposed to. It’s a straightforward “get well” program. Our team of experienced, credible engineering experts will evaluate your situation and establish practical, positive programs in a non-threatening way, and you’ll be good to go.