Organization Performance Training

The pathway to becoming a high-reliability organization is through an Operational Excellence Pathway. Operational excellence is achieved through the establishment of workable processes, the development of human behaviors that promote the use of error and event prevention strategies, techniques and tools, and the development of leadership skills and abilities that support consistent, reliable and safe work performance. Over the past several years Lucas has established ourselves as a leader in Organizational Performance Improvement. Key elements are focused on the Individual, Leadership, Supervision and Work Execution. Over this period, we have borrowed corporate best practices from a broad spectrum of industries to develop programs and tools which have had demonstrated success in lowering risks associated with human errors in critical operations and improved corporate production.

Several industries in which human error has had a significant impact (aviation, medical, nuclear power, fossil power, mining, chemical processing, facility decommissioning/demolition, railroad, safeguards & security, et al) have implemented Human Performance Improvement (HPI) initiatives with excellent results. One important goal of an HPI initiative is to move the organization into the status of a High Reliability Organization (HRO), through recognized “operational excellence” in performance for all their business imperatives.

Three key elements to operational excellence are:

  • Formality of Operations,
  • Human Performance Improvement, and
  • Leadership Development

“Our objective is to assist our clients in achieving status as a High Reliability Organization through Operational Excellence.”