Businesses operating in high-risk industries like nuclear environmental remediation must work within the bounds of numerous complex, intertwined environmental, safety and health, and quality assurance regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can be costly, involving corrective action, work stoppage, and fines.

Lucas routinely works in this environment. On staff we have experienced subject matter experts in the full suite of these regulations, who are available to identify, assess, and help correct compliance problems within your organization.

And when we get involved in an assessment, we recognize that your organization is an organic, interconnected whole, which means we don’t focus only on one aspect while ignoring all the others. That’s why, unlike our competitors, we take a highly integrated, holistic approach to environmental, health and safety, and performance assessment.

If we identify a need for improvement in one area, we’ll look for similar needs in other areas. And if we find a strong point of efficiency in one department, we’ll look for ways to apply those efficiencies to other departments. We look for opportunities to apply lessons learned across the company. For instance, the way your organization implements safety procedures may be similar to the way you conduct business in quality or engineering. If you’re weak at training relative to safety, you may also be weak at training relative to quality control.

This means that even in a cost-cutting economic climate, when assessments stop being a priority, we can help you improve productivity and efficiency just when your bottom line needs it. Because our approach isn’t just about running the numbers – it’s about making a practical, meaningful difference. And if you find that you need just a little extra help to get things right, we can augment your staff with experts in safety and quality control, to provide the specialized oversight and training your team needs.