Engineering Services

We offer a wide variety of engineering and technical services within the nuclear, environmental and energy sectors, supported by the full range of skills you would expect of a traditional professional engineering firm. But what sets us apart is our focus on front-end engineering. We add value where the client needs it most – at the point where you’re looking to define a market need, develop a concept, or deal with a problem. Typically, our role is to provide the client with engineering support, and serve as a bridge between client and architect or engineering (A/E) contractor.

Add to that our unique core set of specific skills in remote handling operations, waste treatment and immobilization engineering, and it’s no wonder that we’ve been involved in some of the largest and most complicated high-hazard projects in the Department of Energy complex. And it’s all about environmental remediation – making the world a cleaner, more beautiful place where people can enjoy more quality of life.

For example, take our work on the Spent Fuel Sludge Treatment Project at the DOE’s Hanford Site. Starting in 2010, we evaluated technologies that could be used to take the spent fuel sludge from K Basin up onto the central plateau for treatment and immobilization prior to disposal. We’re now assessing the options for incorporating the chosen technology into existing facilities, and we’ll make our recommendation in September, 2012. After that, our work includes:

  • Developing the detailed functional requirements and preconceptual engineering,
  • Supporting development of the safety documentation,
  • Preparing the statement of work for architectural and engineering services,
  • Developing the design and compliance matrices, and
  • Supporting design verification and review.

Nuclear process engineering and other work with nuclear facilities and systems has been our core competency since our inception. In an industry where precision, safety and reliability are key, we have excelled. This is the foundation on which we have built, so that we now have the full range of technical expertise to take on challenges in industries ranging from nuclear waste remediation to energy to construction to infrastructure development, and beyond.